All about the spring mattress:

Buying a mattress can be complicated. If it is not enough to find the optimum level of comfort when buying a spring mattress you have to know the differences between the different types. The springs are those that will give support to the body along with the different padding.

What to look for when buying a spring mattress?

The caliber of the springs:

The smaller the gauge, the springs will be thicker. For example, 12.5 gauge springs will be firmer than 15.5 gauge springs.

Number and type of springs:

Nowadays, the number of springs is no longer a determining factor. Instead, they say that what is really important is how these docks are built. Based on this we will find biconical, bagged or continuous wire springs.

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Biconical springs:

They are independent springs in the form of a double cone. They are linked together by steel wires. The quality of this type of mattress is medium-low and its firmness is medium. For years they have been the most common.

Pocket springs:

There are hundreds of springs aligned and bagged individually. In this way, it prevents them from rubbing against each other. The quality of these mattresses is high and their firmness is medium. One of the biggest advantages offered by these mattresses is the excellent independence of beds.

Continuous spring:

The spring housing consists of a single wire arranged in a Z-shape. They are very consistent mattresses, high quality and with a high level of firmness.

Mixed mattresses:

Mattresses that combine springs with synthetic materials such as viscoelastic foam are currently manufactured. With this, we get the best of both materials: a firm mattress, with great adaptability and highly breathable.

Mattresses of springs:

We have an extensive catalog of spring mattresses of different prices and qualities. From cheap mattresses ideal for holiday homes to the most sophisticated and that incorporate the latest technologies and combinations of materials.

In our stores, you can check different types and advise you on which is the best for each user.