Is the memory foam mattress too hard?

This wrong belief is linked to the use of memory mattresses that have a low density (usually less than 40-45kg / mc): the body sinks immediately into the mattress until it rests on the underlying base, which is hard. This defect is exaggerated when the slab in memory is less than 4-5 cm thick. In these cases, we are talking about inexpensive and low-quality mattresses in memory.

To have the comfort and enveloping effect of the memory, it is necessary that the memory used has at least a medium density (between 50 and 60 kg / mc) when you sleep on a high-density memory mattress (over 60 kg / mc), the feeling of sleeping like a cloud will be wonderful.

The memory foam mattress is soft. This mistaken conviction is given above all by a wrong way of sleeping of many people, accustomed to rigid mattresses like boards.

Or this feeling can come from the lack of awareness that memory foam has on our body, in fact, the memory foam mattress reduces the pressure on our body, this naturally bringing a benefit, moreover it does not support the movement and consequently from that sandy effect which makes one perceive a high level of acceptance but which in reality is not the case.

Obviously, we must make a consideration linked to the customer’s choice. The customer should always be advisable to choose the mattress or rather the capacity of the mattress based on the weight and height of the people who must use it, this is the only way to avoid buying a mattress that is too soft or too hard.

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Mattresses with pocket springs: the myths to dispel:

Spring mattresses are still preferred by many people and pocket springs represent their evolution. Obviously not, here are the most frequent.

The pocket spring mattresses are giving back pain. When back problems arise the blame is often given to the type of mattress used. We often tend to confuse the old spring mattress that was called orthopedic, very rigid, so a mattress that tends to create muscular tensions and from there back pains, but this should not happen with new technologies with pocket springs, because they work freely from each other, allowing excellent ergonomics.